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Welcome to the the ISQOLS Research Database! This database is a collection of articles, links, and papers submitted by the ISQOLS community.

We invite you to submit any documents related to quality-of-life, happiness, and wellbeing studies and research to our ISQOLS Research Database, including papers, articles, web links, or powerpoint presentations. The Research Database accepts most formats (e.g., e.g. pdf, docx, doc, rtf)  up to 128MB. All submissions are first reviewed and then posted to the database. (ISQOLS does not endorse any projects and the information is generated by the projects.)

Once finished submitting your document, visit https://isqols.dreamhosters.com/research-database to return to the database to search other items.

If you have any questions, please contact us at office@isqols.dreamhosters.com .


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Civic engagement, community development and wellbeing, Policy, Law, Public Policy, Governance, Democracy
Ecomonics, employment, unemployment, income, inequality, money and happiness
Environment, consumption, materialism, climate change
Families, adolescence, youth, gender roles, marriage, relationships
Global Quality of Life Topics, cultural happiness, regional comparisons, culture and life satisfaction
Health and wellbeing, mental health, disabilities, reproductive health, physical health, pyschological wellbeing, chronic illness
Health and wellness, elderly, aging, physical activity, food, longevity
History of Wellbeing
Homelessness, poverty, social services, deprivation
Housing, neighborhoods, population, residental development, urban development, metropolitan QOL
Human rights, freedom, national tragedies, suffering
ISQOLS Conference
Philanthropy, Donations, and Well-Being
Religion, Spirituality, Personality
Research Methods, measurements, indicators, research, surveys
Social Justice, Minority, Ethnic QoL, Developing Countries, refugees, migration
Technology, escapism, social networks
Well-being and human development
Work-life balance, job satisfaction


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